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HotSpring Spas is committed to providing our owners with the Absolute Best Spa Pool Ownership Experience®. That means you can count on us to provide tools and information that you'll find useful as a spa owner, as well as unparalleled customer care if you ever need us along the way. We invite you to share your experiences and connect with our growing community of passionate Spa Poolers.  

Maintenance and care

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Trade In Your Spa Pool

Technology is advancing! If your spa pool doesn't have the revolutionary ACE® Salt Water System or wireless entertainment, it might be time to upgrade! Find out more about the chance of trading it in for a credit toward a new HotSpring spa, or upgrading your current spa pool.

Spa Features Upgrades

This water care system automatically makes strong cleansing agents that keep spa water sparkling.

HotSpring® Spas offers a variety of wireless entertainment options, so you can enjoy your favourite music and TV shows in the comfort of your spa...

Pricing can vary by location, so talk to your local dealer to get the best prices and options.

Find a Dealer

To find your nearest dealer, visit our Find a Dealer page

Your local dealer can provide the best pricing estimate. Complete this form, and one will contact you shortly.

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