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Luxury Spa

Industry-leading innovation, high quality materials, stunning designs; the Hot Spring name has long represented the gold standard for spa pools, and our luxury range perfectly encapsulates our constant pursuit of perfection. These are the spas that offer unmatched health and fitness benefits, while also adding serious beauty and value to your property – an investment that more than pays for itself.


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Why a luxury hot spa?

You want the best… and with a Hot Spring spa pool or swim spa, you’ve found it. Our range of luxury spas is for those who’d rather not compromise and who appreciate the benefits that a top of the range spa pool can bring.

Hot Spring luxury spas offer an incredible array of features that you won’t find elsewhere – Bluetooth speakers, moveable jets, swim-in-place experiences and even underwater bikes and treadmills, to name but a few. These features expand and enhance the spa pool experience, making it whatever you want it to be – relaxing, social or an opportunity to enhance your health and fitness.

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Why Hot Spring Spas?

At Hot Spring we’ve spent the last four decades building a reputation as one of the world’s leading luxury spa pool brands. We combine exceptional engineering with remarkable simplicity, delivering innovative features in a user-friendly way. We take a personalised approach, understanding your needs and goals and configuring a spa pool to suit.

We promise better hydrotherapy, better water and energy use and a better in-spa experience. Every spa we create is backed by an incredibly devoted service team, ready to ensure that your spa pool experience is as luxurious as you’d hoped it would be, and that it stays that way far into the future.

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Luxury Hot Spa range

The Hot Spring luxury spa pool range brings new levels of form and functionality. Stunning designs make the spa a feature of your backyard or deck, adding real value to your family home. Innovative features deliver an entirely unique in-spa experience – one that’ll have you wondering how you ever lived without it.

Three decades ago we patented the world’s first moving hydrotherapy jet. We haven’t stopped innovating since. The FreshWater Salt System is one of our more recent advances, naturally generating chlorine from salt, while minimising spa maintenance and softening the water. From Bluetooth speakers to complete swim-in-place and fitness experiences, the feature list of your luxury Hot Spring spa pool can be as extravagant as you’d like.

What makes a hot spa high quality?

‘Luxury’ and ‘High Quality’ aren’t just words at Hot Spring, they’re philosophies. Hot Spring Spas have built a reputation for creating superior spa pools. These words represent a promise to our customers. But what exactly makes a Hot Spring spa pool luxurious and high quality?

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Build quality

We don’t cut corners at Hot Spring. We use the highest quality materials and latest production methods to create spa pools that are built to last. As the only spa company in New Zealand and Australia to meet AS/NZ ISO9001 standards (both in our USA factories and our Auckland distribution centre), we offer the highest quality spa products and services, ensuring our customers remain satisfied years beyond the purchase date.

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Soaking experience

Whether you’re looking for a place to de-stress or entertain, to improve your fitness or to enjoy high-end hydrotherapy, our luxury spas deliver the most unique and incredible hydrotherapeutic experiences with - our customisable jet system ensures the pressure is never too light or too firm, but just right.

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Since developing the world’s first moving hydrotherapy jet 30 years ago, we’ve led the industry in innovation, meaning you’ll enjoy the latest and greatest spa technology, cleaner water and the simplest spa maintenance on the market.

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Energy efficiency

Our high-quality, well insulated spas are amongst the most energy efficient on the market, seriously lowering running costs and reducing the strain on Australia’s natural resources.

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Luxury Design

Great design enhances experiences. Each luxury Hot Spring spa represents the culmination of more than 40 years of design and engineering expertise, with form and function melding effortlessly together.

Hot Spring luxury spa pools offer industry-leading levels of customisation. With six shell colours and six cabinet finishes to choose from, the styling of your luxury spa can be whatever you want it to be - organic or colourful, boutique or grand, traditional or contemporary, subtle or extravagant. Unique cabinet design and thoughtfully sculpted shells create a look that’s more designer furniture than backyard spa. Natural lines enhance the sense of tranquillity, along with finishes inspired by wood, metal and stone.

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Luxury hot spa dimensions

At Hot Springs the term ‘luxury’ can refer to any number of things; a spa pool’s features, its finish or its size. This means that your version of a luxury spa pool won’t necessarily be the largest in our range – it could be a relatively small three-person tub, that boasts a superior finish and feature list.

Dimensions vary in our extensive luxury range, from boutique three-person designs to our top of the range seven-person models. Our smallest luxury spa pools have footprints of around 2.1m x 1.6m. Our largest traditional luxury spa pools measure 2.5m x 2.5m and our luxury swim spas can extend to 6.1m x 2.3m.

Luxury Spa Testimonials

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Hot Spring Spas - a beautiful experience

"There's something so beautiful about soaking in our Hot Spring spa on a cold night. I like the motormassage jets the most as it soothes my aches and pains." Watch video

Marmerlita Angelou 

luxury spas testimonial angela 560x260

Best thing I have ever purchased!

"My Hot Spring Relay Spa is hands down the best thing I have ever purchased. Not only is it great for our whole family, it is my little slice of luxury where I can enjoy peace and quiet at the end of a long day." Read more

Angela Besant

luxury spas testimonial dallas 560x260

24 years, and the spa was still going strong

We just found that Hot Spring Spas looked better, the structure was better and so we purchased our Sovereign in 1994. It was the best thing we ever did. We're building a new house so we thought it's time to get a new one. We have a fantastic time in our spa. Just real excellent family time together. Watch Video

Dallas Wearing

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