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Energy Efficient Spa Pools

Explore Hot Spring's range of energy efficient spa pools

Australia’s most  established spa brand | HotSpring Spas
Australia’s most established spa brand
Only brand backed by independent laboratory testing | HotSpring Spas
Only brand backed by independent laboratory testing
Peace of mind guaranteed | HotSpring Spas
Peace of mind guaranteed

The Lowest Running Costs, Independently Tested and Proven

The cost of running a spa pool can be significant… unless you choose Hot Spring. We offer Australia's most energy efficient spa pools, with running costs as little as $1 a day. This is a luxurious soak that won’t cost the earth.

How can such luxury come so cheap? Our insulation is carefully designed for maximum heat retention. Our covers are fully insulated and precisely engineered to form a perfect seal around the lip of your spa.

Then there’s our suite of technological innovations, from heat induction jets that recycle the warmth generated by the internal machinery, to our SilentFlo 5000 circulation system that keeps your water moving while using the same amount of power as a 40-watt light bulb.


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What should I look for when buying an energy efficient spa pool?

A number of factors influence spa pool energy efficiency, but the most important is quality. By buying from a trusted brand that invests in innovation and uses the finest materials, particularly insulation, you can be confident of finding a spa pool that is better for both the planet and your hip pocket. Other considerations to make when buying an energy efficient spa pool include:

hot spring spas icons 2 size

The larger the spa pool, the more energy it will tend to use, so avoid going too big just for the sake of it.

hot spring spas icons 2 location

By placing your spa pool in a more protected location, away from the elements, you can retain more heat and use less power.

hot spring spas icons 2 objective v2

Consider what you’ll use your spa for, and how much you’ll use it. The more regular your use, the more important energy efficiency becomes.

hot spring spas icons 2 quality

Investing in a quality spa pool can save you huge money in the long run, not just in terms of energy efficiency, but longevity too.

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The importance of energy efficiency

A spa pool forms a luxurious addition to any home – a place for healing, relaxation, romance and fun. But luxurious doesn’t have to mean expensive. By choosing a Hot Spring, you can enjoy one of the world’s most sumptuous spa pool experiences, and reduce your ongoing costs while you do it. Packed with a suite of energy efficient technologies, a Hot Spring spa pool is an investment that can pay itself back over time through incredible savings.

Hot Spring energy efficient spas feature

Hot Spring's energy-efficient spas are designed with superior insulation to retain heat and block out the cold, complemented by an insulated cover that perfectly seals the spa's edge. Their innovative machinery ensures a luxurious soaking experience at a reduced cost, making relaxation both sophisticated and economical.


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The most efficient insulation

Insulation is the most important factor in spa pool energy efficiency, as it minimises the use of the heater by keeping the water warmer for longer. An innovative technology like Hot Spring’s multi-density full foam insulation can save you $365-$2000 a year when compared to a poorly insulated spa.

Hot air induction jets

Hot Spring’s clever hot air induction jets are designed to ensure no warmth goes to waste. They transfer heat generated within the insulated equipment compartment to the water by re-injecting it through the jets. This innovation doesn’t use any extra electricity but can take real strain off the heat pump!

Insulated spa pool covers

Many spa pool owners think of covers as something to keep their water free of debris. But what a cover keeps in is just as important as what it keeps out. A cover plays a critical role in spa pool heat retention, and a fully insulated, tightly fitting and ultra-durable Hot Spring cover does this better than any other.


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A dedicated circulation pump

Most spa pools rely on their jets to circulate water, which can be energy-intensive (not to mention noisy and potentially damaging). A Hot Spring spa pool fitted with a SilentFlo 5000 circulation system, meanwhile, keeps your spa water constantly in motion while using the same power as a 40W light bulb!

How much do energy efficient spa pools cost?

At Hot Spring we focus on building spa pools that are not only luxurious, but that cost customers less over the lifetime of the machine. We do this by building long-lasting spa pools out of the highest quality parts and materials, and by making significant investments in the development of energy- and resource-saving technologies.

A Hot Spring spa pool isn’t a cost, it’s an investment. And it’s one that pays itself back over time, by lowering your electricity bills, by reducing your need to drain and refill your spa, and by ensuring you can soak in your spa for years or even decades to come, through quality construction and the guaranteed supply of spare parts for 20 years (something no other spa brand offers).

To get a sense of the ongoing costs of a Hot Spring spa pool, and how much you can save compared to other brands, check out our Energy Calculator.

Are energy efficient spa pools high maintenance?

The short answer is no: the most energy efficient spas also tend to feature high-end systems that minimise work and maximise play for hot tub owners.

freshwater salt spa 560x260 v2
Water care

Our FreshWater™ Salt System requires a quarter of the upkeep of a standard system. 

tri x filter 560x260 FillWzU2MCwyNjBd 2
Filter care

Our Tri-X® filters can be washed in the dishwasher, resulting in hands-free cleaning.

filling draining spa pool 560x260 FillWzU2MCwyNjBd 2
Draining and refilling

The FreshWater™ Salt System significantly reduces the need to drain/refill your spa. 

Are energy efficient spa pools good for your health?

The warm waters of a spa pool can reduce inflammation and offer relief to tight and tired muscles.

hot spring spas icons BLOOD CIRCULATION v4

As you lower yourself into your spa, your blood vessels will dilate, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to get to where they’re needed most.

hot spring spas icons INFLAMMATION v2

The warmth can loosen tight muscles and reduce swelling.

hot spring spas icons BUOYANCY v6

Spa pools can help to relieve chronic pain and enhance mobility by taking weight off joints.

hot spring spas australia icon 6 relaxation
Mental Well-being

A spa pool is backyard relaxation in its ultimate form; an oasis of soothing lights, sounds and hydromassage jets.

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