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5-6 Person Spa

Perfect for all occasions, whether an intimate evening with a partner or a fun get together with friends, 5-6 person spa pools are amongst the most popular models in the Hot Spring range. These spas pack an incredible range of features into a medium-sized unit. They look great as the centrepiece of a garden or in the corner on a back deck.


5-6 person spa range

The Hot Spring 5-6 person spa range is made up of the following models:

Five Person Spas

5 6 person spa dimensions 560x460

5-6 person spa dimensions

Neither the smallest nor the largest spa pools available, the Hot Spring 5-6 person range is the perfect size for anyone who wants to balance comfort, cost-effectiveness, intimacy and the ability to entertain.

Dimensions vary from spa to spa, but as a general rule 5-6 person spas measure between 2.15 and 2.36m in length and width, and between 84cm and 97cm in height. Any smaller will see you enter 4-person territory, and larger sizes are considered suitable for 7+ people.

To work out the ideal spa for you, consider:

Group 4

The maximum number of people that will want to enjoy your spa at any one time.

Group 5

The amount of space available.

Layer 2

How much you’d like to spend.

If you need further help in finding the right spa pool for you, speak to our friendly team, or consult our handy guide.

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Benefits of a 5-6 person spa vs smaller spas?

A 5-6 person spa pool will be the obvious choice for many, but other buyers will ask themselves whether the added investment compared to a 2-4 person spa is worth it. Only you know whether choosing a medium-sized spa pool over a more compact version makes sense. It depends on your situation, but going larger brings some clear advantages:

  • More room means more comfort, particularly for anyone undertaking hydrotherapy, or households that are likely to have multiple people soaking at once.
  • The more the merrier! Larger spa pools are far better for socialising.

When should you consider a 5-6 seater spa

5 6 person family 560x260

When you have a family

While smaller spas are great for couples and fine for small families, if you’ve got four or more members of your tribe you can’t beat the space and comfort of a 5-6 person spa.

5 6 person bach rent 560x260

When you’re renting out your holiday home

If you own a holiday home, whether in the mountains, on the beach or in the big city, a 5-6 seater spa is an incredible amenity to offer – you can expect your investment to be quickly returned through increased bookings.

5 6 person therapeutic spa 560x260

When you’re in need of hydrotherapy

If you’ve invested in a spa pool for its therapeutic and healing qualities, a 5-6 person model grants you more room to move, making hydrotherapy easier and more effective.

5 6 person spa cost 560x260

How much do 5-6 person spas cost?

The cost of your 5-6 person Hot Spring spa will depend on a variety of factors, including size, model, functionality, features and optional extras. Prices for Hot Spring’s entry level 5-6 person spa pools start from as low as $9,900. Hot Spring spa also boast the lowest running costs in the world (independently tested and proven)! It’s for these reasons that so many Hot Spring customers return decades later, to trade in their spa and upgrade the model. 

Click here for a quote or contact your local dealer to arrange a test soak!

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Best 5-6 person spa placement

Where will you place your 5-6 person hot tub? As fully portable and self-contained machines, Hot Spring hot tubs can be placed almost anywhere with enough room and an even, stable surface. The most common option is an outdoor hot tub, which can be placed on pavers, concrete, decking or even a sturdy balcony. Indoor hot tubs can be installed in a well ventilated sunroom or enclosed outdoor area. With a bit of excavation you even have the option of installing your Hot Spring as an inground hot tub, which can make it a truly organic addition to your home, while making entry and exit that little bit easier.

Hot Spring's range of 5-6 person hot tubs offer you the ultimate flexibility in terms of placement. All you need is enough room, a level surface that is capable of taking the weight, access to the necessary water and power, and the ability to drain your spa.

5-6 person Spa Testimonials

Love my spas - x 4

I bought my first Hot Springs spa back in the 80’s. I purchased again in 1999, 2011, again when I moved to Las Vegas in 2019. I’ve only had Hot Springs because of the reliability, the energy efficiency and the warranty. I’ve had little problems with the spas but when I did the company stood behind the products, made the repairs, and if under warranty, no charge to me. We use the spa several days per week. Even in the summertime in Vegas I just turn the temperature down and it is a refreshing retreat and during the rest of the year, so nice. If ever considering purchasing a spa, get a Hot Springs Spa, you won’t be disappointed.

William B

Quality that lasts

Congratulations Hot Spring. We just replaced our 1999 Sovereign with a 2019 Highlife Sovereign Spa. That's more than 19 years of use.

Mikey Bear

Why did we wait so long!

We had a Grandee many years back which lasted many years. We said if we ever redo the (back)yard we would get another Hot Spring spa. Well this year we finished out new yard and bought the Vanguard. Why did we wait so long! It is fabulous and its not even the fall or winter season. My family and my GRAND KIDS love it.....Best investment for quality. 

Mr Supe