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Your spa pool should take care of you not the other way round

Fully Automated Water Testing System that does the work for you.

FreshWater® IQ, where the most intelligent salt water system on the planet meets ground-breaking monitoring technology.

We are thrilled to unveil the Biggest Revolution in Hot Tub Water Care: the FreshWater® IQ System. After a decade of collaboration our American partners Watkins Wellness, we bring you the first fully integrated and automated Water Testing System in the Spa Pool industry.

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Automated, ultra-accurate water testing is conducted every hour, and FreshWater® IQ provides you with clear instructions whenever adjustments are required.

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Spa care made easy. On-screen recommendations remove any guesswork, telling you exactly what to do to maintain your spa water when needed.

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FreshWater® IQ is the most comprehensive water care system available. Fully integrated and easy-to-use, it delivers the most luxurious water while requiring minimal effort.

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Purity at the push of a button. FreshWater® IQ creates softer, gentler water that stays clean and fresh for up to a year*.

With FreshWater® IQ you can say goodbye to daily use of test strips, guesswork and reduce mistakes. No longer do you have to spend time testing your water. With simple on screen instructions with pin point accuracy your job is simple: step in, sit back and relax.

FreshWater IQ Compatability

Salt System Ready
Highlife collection

Highlife® is our most exclusive collection, and represents the epitome of hot tub indulgence. These pools form the natural home for all of our latest and greatest hot tub innovations, and FreshWater® IQ is no different.

  • Simply the cleanest water courtesy of our factory-installed FreshWater® Salt System and optional FreshWater® Smart Monitoring System.
  • 100% of your spa water filtered 100% of the time.
  • Patented jet system for the ultimate hydromassage.
  • Best-in-class energy-saving features to save time and money.
Salt System Ready
Limelight® collection

Seamlessly combining elegance and relaxation, the Limelight collection is a high-end range built for those who see hot tubs as an opportunity to socialise, and who like to impress. The addition of FreshWater® IQ ensures minimum work and maximum play.

  • Crystal clear water courtesy of our optional FreshWater® Salt System and FreshWater® Smart Monitoring System.
  • Two-filter design for cleaner water with less effort.
  • Premium energy-saving features to save time and money.
  • Easy-to-read, on-screen messages takes out the guesswork in spa maintenance

Why choose a spa with FreshWater® IQ?

With FreshWater® IQ you’ll be soaking in your spa while other people are working on theirs.

FreshWater® IQ saves you time

  • With FreshWater® IQ, you can reduce the time you spend on spa pool water maintenance by over 90%!

  • The FreshWater® Salt System is designed to keep your spa cleaner for longer. Drain and refill your spa as little as once a year.

  • With an automated laboratory in your spa pool, say goodbye to stress, guesswork, and reduce mistakes.

  • Less time spent maintaining your spa before you can soak. FreshWater® IQ spa pools are always warm, bubbling and ready for a soak.
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FreshWater® IQ saves you money

  • With the FreshWater® Salt System naturally converting salt to chlorine, and the Smart Monitoring System ensuring chemicals are only added when needed, you use (and pay for) far less.

  • Water stays fresh for up to a year, meaning less money spent on replacing the water in your spa.

  • No need to invest in test strips and testing equipment for daily use – or to invest your time in conducting those tests – FreshWater® IQ does all the work for you.

  • Your time is valuable—and so is your money. Save both by reducing the time and expenses associated with spa pool maintenance.
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Key features of FreshWater® IQ

A complete hot tub water care solution, FreshWater® IQ brings a suite of high-end and entirely unique features to the table, including:

Fully automated water testing

FreshWater® IQ automatically tests your hot tub water every hour 24/7. If something needs to happen, it simply prompts you with precise and simple on screen recommendations.

Energy saving mode

This is a system that doesn’t hurt your hip pocket or the earth. Amongst a number of energy efficient features, FreshWater® IQ helps you to keep your electricity bills low by disabling the spa pool heater during on-peak hours when the rates are highest. Automatically shut the heater off for up to 12 hours a day, across two separate sessions.

Instant and auto clean cycles

Enhanced filtration and automation means your spa will ensure that the water is at its cleanest and purest levels whenever you want to soak.

What would you do with the time you win back?

FreshWater® IQ gives you back that most valuable of resources: time.

With your hot tub essentially taking care of itself, you get to choose what to do with all those hours saved. And with on-tap access to the world’s most luxurious hot tub water, where better to spend this newfound freedom than in the warm and bubbling waters of your Hot Spring spa pool.

FreshWater® IQ offers more chances to make memories. It’s ideal for:


At the end of a busy workday, the last thing you want to do is spend time checking and maintaining your spa water.

With FreshWater® IQ you can spend your time relaxing and unwinding with your partner. The soft, fresh, warm and bubbling waters of a Hot Spring spa creates the perfect romantic setting for you and your partner. Combined with our Wireless Bluetooth Music system there is nothing else like it.

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Hot Spring spa pools are the perfect place for quality family time – a relaxing and 100% device-free place for your family to connect on a deeper and more meaningful level.

FreshWater® IQ ensures that your family is soaking in the safest, highest quality water possible. 
This system also means less maintenance & more time soaking for you and your family.

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You have earned the right to relaxation and enjoyment, and no spa pool delivers on that dream like a Hot Spring spa with FreshWater® IQ.

Hot tub maintenance made easier than ever before. Automated testing and simple on screen instructions will maintain optimal water every time you use your hot tub.

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As an entertainer you want your hot tub to be ready to use at a moments notice. As a host you want to ensure that your water is of the highest quality and with the help of FreshWater® IQ this can be achieved every time. Your spa will ensure your guests always enjoy the most incredible soaking experience.

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FreshWater® IQ vs the rest: how much better is it?

FreshWater® IQ is a genuinely revolutionary technology. How revolutionary? A quick comparison with other hot tub brands tells you exactly how technologically advanced it is.
FreshWater® IQ is a system that is built to solve the water care and spa maintenance frustrations felt by so many spa pool owners. Check our comparison table to see how our solution differs from the others on the market.

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Innovation: it’s in our DNA

At Hot Spring we have spent over five decades at the leading edge of hot tub innovation and today, we are recognised as the world’s most technologically advanced hot tub brand.

But not satisfied with simply being the best, we continue to aim higher through significant investment in research and development.

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