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Lap Pools

Imagine a lap pool that goes on forever – one that is less a pool than an open water swim, where you never have to turn around. Now imagine this pool actually measures just a few metres long, and can fit on your deck, under your patio, or even on your yacht.

Imagine no more, because in a Fastlane Pools swim spa you have a truly infinite yet incredibly compact aqua fitness machine.

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Australia’s most  established spa brand | HotSpring Spas
Australia’s most established spa brand
Only brand backed by independent laboratory testing | HotSpring Spas
Only brand backed by independent laboratory testing
Peace of mind guaranteed | HotSpring Spas
Peace of mind guaranteed

The Lowest Running Costs, Independently Tested and Proven

The cost of running a spa pool can be significant… unless you choose Hot Spring. We offer New Zealand’s most energy efficient spa pools, with running costs as little as $1 a day. This is a luxurious soak that won’t cost the earth.

How can such luxury come so cheap? Our insulation is carefully designed for maximum heat retention. Our covers are fully insulated and precisely engineered to form a perfect seal around the lip of your spa.

Then there’s our suite of technological innovations, from heat induction jets that recycle the warmth generated by the internal machinery, to our SilentFlo 5000 circulation system that keeps your water moving while using the same amount of power as a 40-watt light bulb.

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What is a lap pool?

Traditionally a lap swimming pool is an in-ground pool measuring a couple of metres wide, 10-15m long and around 1.2m deep, that is specifically designed for fitness. These long and narrow lap pools are associated with luxury, as you need plenty of space and plenty of money to justify the purchase.

But there’s another type of lap pool; one that offers a greater functionality, in a more compact package, and at a more affordable price: a portable lap pool, or lap pool spa.

Fastlane Pools swim spas are portable, self-contained units that require no excavation – you simply place the unit where you want and fill it up. They are capable of being heated to 40C, allowing you to find your perfect swimming temperature, or simply soak in the hydromassage seating included in most models.

And when the time comes to work out, the swim-in-place experience offered by a Fastlane Pool is entirely unique. At one end you’ll find a powerful propulsion system capable of generating a smooth, steady and fully adjustable current that is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke. Try as you might, you’ll never reach the end!

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What is the length of a lap pool?

The problem with traditional lap pools is that they need to be at least 10 metres long – and usually a little longer – to be worthwhile. In a 10m pool you may only be able to squeeze in a handful of strokes before you need to turn around again, and these constant interruptions make it difficult to find your swimming groove.

The Fastlane Pools range of swim spas, meanwhile, measure just 3.7m to 6.1m long, making them the ideal lap pool for a small backyard. But despite their size, they allow you to build up an infinite stroke count. The swim-in-place experience lets you find your rhythm, facilitating a more pleasurable workout that is great for getting fit and honing your technique .

Compact and self-contained, the Fastlane Pools swim spa fits where traditional home lap pools can’t: in small backyards, on decks, under pergolas – you might even install an indoor lap pool!

What is the cost of a lap pool?

Traditional lap pools are expensive. They’re big, they’re difficult to install, and they incur a wealth of costs that you may not have considered, including design and planning, council approval, excavation, landscaping, safety fencing and ongoing costs like water, pool chemicals and heating.

a Fastlane Pools swim spa, meanwhile, can be comparatively cost-effective, both in terms of upfront and ongoing costs:

  • Simple installation: There’s no need to excavate, build or landscape – simply choose your model, place it where you want, and fill it up!
  • Lower running costs: As a comparatively compact pool, you’ll use less water and fewer chemicals. And while swim spas can be heated to a toasty 40C, they do so incredibly efficiently, thanks to innovative heaters and high-end insulation.
  • Minimal maintenance: Clever filtration and water care systems take care of the hard work and allow you to focus on fitness and fun.

In short, a Fastlane Pools swim spa can be a lower cost, lower work and higher functionality choice versus a traditional backyard lap pool.

What should I look for when buying a Lap pool?

When shopping for a new spa pool, your first focus should be on quality. When you buy from an established name, particularly one with a local presence, you can be more confident that your spa pool will last and that you’ll enjoy all the support you need to get maximum value and enjoyment from your purchase. Other considerations include:

hot spring spas icons 2 size

What is the maximum number of people you plan to entertain at any given time?

hot spring spas icons 2 location

Where would you like to place your Jacuzzi® spa pool, and how will you get it there? Do you have access to power, water and drainage?

hot spring spas icons 2 objective v2

What is the main driving force behind your spa pool purchase? Rest and relaxation? Health and wellness? Quality time?

hot spring spas icons 2 quality

Between energy efficiency, longevity and soaking experience, a larger upfront investment in a quality spa pool will pay itself back over time.

How to install a lap pool

Installing a traditional lap pool is no mean feat. If you have the necessary space and budget – and you’ll need a lot of both – you’ll be faced with a wealth of other requirements: engineering reports, foundation stabilisation, council approval, excavation, large heating and water care systems, pool fencing, landscaping, and much more. It can take as long as 12 months for a lap pool to go from idea to reality.

But many of these requirements simply don’t apply to a Fastlane Pools swim spa. The process of installing one of these portable lap pools couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Find your spot: Find a suitable place on your property for your Fastlane Pools swim spa. Measure out the space you have to play with.
  2. Choose your model: Find a swim spa that will fit in your chosen spot and has your desired features: hydromassage seating, fitness equipment, entertainment systems and more.
  3. Lay it in place: Take delivery of your swim spa and place it in your chosen location.
  4. Power it, fill it, heat it: Connect your spa to the necessary power, fill it with water, turn it on and wait for it to warm!

If your chosen swim spa is in stock, you could go from considering the purchase to swimming in your own backyard in a matter of days.

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Maintenance of a lap pool

It’s a simple fact: the larger the pool, the more maintenance it will require. With traditional lap pools there is more volume to fill with water, more chemicals needed to treat that water, more power needed to heat that water, and more surfaces to get dirty from that water. Their size means that traditional lap pools are also more difficult to cover, so they often aren’t. This can lead to more dirt and debris entering your pool.

As smaller pools, Fastlane Pools swim spas demand less work and less money to maintain. They’re easy to cover when not in use, and come with an array of automated filtration and water care systems as standard. In short, they are the ultimate low maintenance swimming machine.

Endless functionality, endless fitness, endless fun. A Fastlane Pools swim spa represents the evolution of the lap pool – one that is more practical, more efficient, more comfortable and more accessible.

Are lap pools high maintenance?

By carefully choosing your spa pool, you can minimise maintenance and maximise fun. The best Lap Pool®/spa pools don’t need much upkeep at all:

freshwater salt spa 560x260 v2
Water care

20 mins/month for most spa pools, 5 mins/month with the FreshWater™ Salt System.

tri x filter 560x260 FillWzU2MCwyNjBd 2
Filter care

<1hr/month with our ceramic, dishwasher-safe Tri-X® filters.

filling draining spa pool 560x260 FillWzU2MCwyNjBd 2
Draining and refilling

Every 2-3 months with standard systems, up to a year with the FreshWater™ Salt System. 

Are lap pools for your health?

Lap pools are so much more than a luxury purchase – the warm water immersion they deliver brings a range of proven health and wellness benefits for:

hot spring spas icons BLOOD CIRCULATION v4
Your heart

Your heart beats faster and your blood vessels dilate to send more oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood around your body, spurred on by hydromassage jets.

hot spring spas icons INFLAMMATION v2
Your muscles

From reducing inflammation to dealing with the effects of lactic acid build-up after exercise, your muscles will thank you for the soak.

hot spring spas icons BUOYANCY v6
Your joints

The buoyancy of the warm waters of your spa pool take weight and strain off aching joints.

hot spring spas australia icon 6 relaxation
Your mental well-being

Is anywhere more relaxing than the hydromassage seating of a spa pool? Here you can sit back, relax and forget about the stress of your day.

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