Why Hot Spring Spas?

A spa offers the strong combination of massage and hot water. We strive to do these things better with one of a kind massage, advanced water care systems, and characteristics that keep water hot and operating costs low. Plus, you'll be able to count on our decades of experience and our unparalleled customer care for the Absolute Best Spa Pool Ownership Experience™.

Soothing Massages

Our spa pools are designed by us for the top massage experience. Our revolutionary, patented jets were created for particular muscle groups to deliver strong flows of water which you can customise for desired pressure.

Exclusive Moto-Massage™ Dx

The Moto-Massage DX jet has revolutionised hydrotherapy. This exceptional moving jet produces two strong streams of warm water that sweep up and down the length your back. This one of a kind back massage is only available from HotSpring®, and is contained on select models.

Hot Spring Moto Massage DX jets

HL Seat 1


Enjoy a variety of jets


Soothingstream™ Jet

The jet that is unique characteristics twelve ports that disperse a solid, broad flow of water that relieves tension in your shoulders and upper back.

Among our most powerful jets, the Footstream jet creates a stream of water strong enough to supply soothing relief to aching feet and release tension.

Jet Stream®JetStream

Footstream Jet 

One of our most powerful jets, the Footstream jet produces a stream of water strong enough to provide soothing relief to aching feet and release tension in your back.

Rotary HydromassageRotaryHydro

Rotary Hydromassage Jet

These rotating jets create a powerful stream of moving water, providing a deep massage that relieves tension in places that are targeted.

Cleaner Water Made Easy

Crystal clear water is central to a wonderful spa pool expertise. We're also devoted to making spa pool ownership as easy as possible. The HotSpring water care and filtration systems provide exclusive features which help our spa pool owners enjoy sparkling clean water with as little effort as possible.



The Ace® salt water system

This water care alternative that is innovative is only available from HotSpring. The ACE Salt Water System works on the diamond electrode to generate chlorine sanitiser and a strong oxidiser that keep your spa water clean. Together with the ACE system, you will add the water and bottled products that are fewer and love better water quality with less care.


100% No-Bypass Filtration
Tri-X filters

Simply available from HotSpring, Highlife® Highlife® Group modelsfilter 100% of the water 100% of the time, even when the jets are on. And with the longer lasting, more efficient Trix filters, you can enjoy water that is cleaner with less maintenance because these filters are dishwasher safe.

Energy Efficiency

Our aim is always to develop the spas that are most efficient potential. We've created a whole Energy Smart™ system that reduces energy consumption to save cash. You can have reassurance your HotSpring spa will undoubtedly be ready and hot for you personally, without expensive electricity bills.



Super Energy Efficient

Highlife Collection spas are believed superb energy efficient due to complex Energy Smart features that you cannot find anywhere else.


Hushed Flo™

Highlife and Limelight Collection spa pools feature the SilentFlo 5000 circulation pump, which constantly and quietly circulates spa water using energy that is less when compared to a 40-watt light bulb.



Limelight Collection and Hot Spot® spa pools feature FiberCor insulating material, which fully insulates the spa cabinet to a density 4X  greater than typical 8 kg/m³ foam.



The Absolute Best Spa Pool
Ownership Experience

You can count on our experienced and knowledgeable HotSpring sellers to supply unparalleled customer attention as you buy, shop for and revel in your new spa pool. HotSpring dealers are committed to providing you with the finest spa pool experience potential.

With HotSpring, you can count on quality which is made to last. HotSpring sells more spa pools than any other brand world-wide and stays committed to standing behind our goods and customers.

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