Hot Spring Cover Lifters

Our exclusive cover lifters allow you to easily access your spa pool – so you can use it more frequently plus it keeps your spa pool cover off the floor helping it last longer.

Convana Spa Pool Coverhotsporing-covana-cover-craddle_0

Covana Horizon – Cover, Lifter and Gazebo!

The first automated spa pool cover gazebo to hit New Zealand shores - The Covana Horizon. No more struggling with opening your spa pool cover or removing debris or snow. One of the highest insulation covers on the market, the Covana secures and covers your spa pool or swim spa while offering maximum comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Now exclusive to Hot Spring® Spas.Various sizes available to suit all spa models and sizes.

Check out the Covana cover in action »


CoverCradle Cover Lifter

Slipping into your spa is easy with the CoverCradle system. Featuring dual pneumatic gas springs and ultra-smooth gliding action, this cover removal system fits snugly on your spa and takes up little room. Requires 61 cm clearance.


CoverCradle II Cover Lifter

The second generation of this innovative system, the CoverCradle II features a single pneumatic gas spring that makes covers easy to lift with little manual effort. Requires 61 cm clearance.


UpRite Cover Lifter

Ideal for limited clearance applications like decks and gazebos, UpRite allows the cover to fold back behind just above spa bar top to maximize clearance while creating a convenient privacy barrier. Requires 18 cm clearance.


Lift 'N Glide Cover Lifter

Easy meets economical with the Lift N' Glide cover lifter, which uses a gliding action to help you easily remove your spa cover as you get ready to use your spa pool. Requires 36 cm clearance. Ideal for restricted headroom.

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