Highlife® Collection NXT

Innovative engineering and strong jets give you the ultimate spa pool experience.

The Highlife NXT Difference

Highlife NXT Spa Pools

With input from Designworks, a BMW Group Company, the stunning new Highlife Collection NXT spas - Grandee NXT, Envoy NXT and Jetsetter NXT - represent the future of spa design.

Highlife Collection NXT spas offer the same features and experience as the Highlife Collection models, and more. From the sculpted shells and Everwood HD siding to the jets and other details, these models feature the same quality components and exclusive options. What makes these spas so special is the entirely new exterior design. Through innovative technology we have achieved a distinctive new look - unlike anything else you will find. 

Plus, all three models include the exclusive Wireless Remote Control and
Tri-X filters.

View our Models

Grandee 7 person hot tub Highlife_Grandee_Coverview_0

Grandee NXT 7 person spa pool

254 x 231 x 97 cm | 1,893 litres

View Model
Envoy 5 person spa pool from the Highlife CollectionHighlife_Envoy_Coverview_0

Envoy NXT 5 person spa pool

236 x 231 x 97 cm | 1,703 litres

View Model
Jetsetter NXTjetsetter-nxt-overhead

Jetsetter NXT 3 person spa pool

213 x 165 x 84 cm | 852 litres

View Model

Pricing can vary by location, so talk to your local dealer to get the best prices and options.

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