Spa Pools Built for Value

Freeflow Spas are incredibly durable because our manufacturing process produces a strong unibody (one-piece) spa pool shell, eliminating the need for an internal support frame. By reducing material and labour costs, we bring you a premium spa pool experience at a more affordable price.

Freeflow Spas are manufactured using rotational molding making them extremely durable and more affordable than acrylic hot tubs.

Hot & Ready,
Wherever You Are

Freeflow Spas has spa pools that can fit your backyard, apartment balcony or townhouse porch. We even have a triangular portable spa pool for corner spaces! Refer to product specifications for weight requirements.
Don’t own your home? No worries! Our spas are perfect for renters too, because there’s no custom installation required. Our spas can be filled with a garden hose and plugged directly into any standard 240v outlet.


Simply plug it in
and enjoy!

Hate spending long hours assembling things? So do we. Save money and time with our Plug-N-Play technology which requires no additional wiring or expensive 230v installation. Simply fill up your hot tub, plug it into any standard 110v outlet, and enjoy!

Do you move a lot? Take your spa with you. Freeflow Spas’ lightweight unibody design means you can easily take it with you.


Mini Spa Pool

Dimensions183 x 119 x 71 cm high
Water Capacity450 litres
Dry Weight114 kg
ColoursSand, Taupe or Espresso

Tristar Spa Pool

Dimensions178 x 178 x 79 cm high
Water Capacity700 litres
Dry Weight135kg
ColoursSand, Taupe or Espresso

Cascina Spa Pool

Dimensions168 x 158 x 81 cm high
Water Capacity775 litres
Dry Weight125 kg
ColoursSand, Taupe or Espresso

Azure Spa Pool

Dimensions203 x 160 x 84 cm high
Water Capacity900 litres
Dry Weight150 kg
ColoursSand, Taupe or Espresso

Excursion Spa Pool

Dimensions196 x 218 x 84 cm high
Water Capacity1100 litres
Dry Weight200 kg
ColoursSand, Taupe or Espresso

Aptos Spa Pool

Dimensions198 cm Diameter x 86 cm High
Water Capacity1000 litres
Dry Weight165 kg
ColoursSand, Taupe or Espresso

Monterey Spa Pool

Dimensions221 x 196 x 86 cm high
Water Capacity1200 litres
Dry Weight170 kg
ColoursSand, Taupe or Espresso

Accolade Spa Pool

Dimensions221 x 196 x 87 cm high
Water Capacity1155 litres
Dry Weight202 kg
ColoursSand, Taupe or Espresso
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