Easy Spa Pool Water Care Chlorine Maintenance

When it comes to spa water care we offer a variety of solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Choose from innovative solutions, like the ACE® Salt Water System, or for traditional water care, use can use our premium bottled water care products.

Our exclusive line of FreshWater spa and water care products includes all spa pool chemicals you need to maintain your spa water:  Chlorine and bromine sanitisers, balancers, clarifiers, water conditioners, and more. Make sure you insist on using genuine HotSpring® spa care products, which are approved for use with your HotSpring spa.

The FreshWater Starter kit includes everything you need to balance your spa water and safely sanitise it from day one, along with a convenient water care troubleshooting guide all in one box.  

In addition to the traditional sanitisers and balancers, many HotSpring owners also use our optional FreshWaterAg+ continuous silver ion purifier, which works around the clock to help inhibit bacteria growth in the water.

Innovations in water care - like the Vanishing Act calcium remover, and Clean Screen pre-filter are extremely useful if you have water with high levels of calcium hardness or metal content that can often complicate the balancing process. These exclusive products also help you cut back on other bottled products typically needed to maintain spa water. In doing so, these products extend the life of your water so you don't have to drain and refill the spa as often.

Your HotSpring dealer is an expert at spa water care, and can answer any questions you have as well as help you select the FreshWater products you need to keep your spa water crystal clear and inviting. 


Pricing can vary by location, so talk to your local dealer to get the best prices and options.

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