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Portable Pool

An endless swim in a portable pool. Impossible? Not with a Fastlane Pools Swim Spa

When you think of an outdoor portable pool, you might imagine a cheap inflatable or flimsy plastic pool that might be good for a single summer. But over the years, the portable pool has evolve, and its latest iteration offers a swimming experience that not even a full-size in-ground pool can match.

An Fastlane Pools swim spa is a fully self-contained, 100% portable heated pool that offers an incredible swimming experience. Featuring a powerful propulsion system on one end, it produces a current that is wider than your body, deeper than your stroke, and makes you feel like you’re swimming in an infinite expanse of open water.

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What is a portable pool?

A portable swimming pool is simply a pool that can be moved from one location to another. These pools tend to be self-contained and don’t require excavation to be installed – while a fibreglass in-ground swimming pool can be transported on a truck, it isn’t considered ‘portable’.

An Fastlane Pools swim spa is a truly portable backyard pool. These machines are completely self-contained, and can simply be placed on an appropriate surface, powered and filled. While larger than most other portable pools, a homeowner can choose to take their Fastlane Pools swim spa with them if they ever move house. This opens up the possibility of renters becoming pool owners. 

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What size is a portable pool?

Fastlane Pools swim spas are some of the roomiest portable pools on the market – and when you add in the essentially infinite swim, they get far bigger.

These rectangle portable pools come in a range of different sizes. The smallest, the R200 RecSport, measures just 3.66m x 2.26m, while the largest, the E2000, is the same width but 6.1m long.

If you’re looking for a deep portable pool, you might be disappointed, as there’s no such thing as a portable plunge pool – as portable pools sit on top of the ground, they need to be low enough to step into, so deeper pools need to be excavated.

That said, Fastlane Pools swim spas can be up to 1.5m deep, which is great for safety and the ideal height for swimming, hydrotherapy and family fun. An Fastlane Pools swim spa is a perfectly sized portable pool for adults and children alike. 

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What are the disadvantages of a portable pool?

In the past, the term ‘portable pool’ has been synonymous with cheap, low quality products that aren’t expected to last. But a modern portable pool like the Fastlane Pools swim spa is exactly the opposite – a high quality, cutting edge piece of equipment designed to deliver years, even decades, of fun and fitness.

What’s more, an Fastlane Pools swim spa is so much more than a portable pool:

  • An infinite lap pool: Set the speed of the current to enjoy an endless swim-in-place experience.
  • A cross-trainer: Why stop at swimming? Combine the current with a treadmill, aquabike, rowking kit or resistance bands for a full body fitness experience.
  • hydrotherapy machine: A gentle current and warm water is ideal for rehab, recovery, and the management of chronic conditions.
  • A personal masseuse: Pre-workout, post-workout, a lazy night in; find ultimate relaxation in sumptuous hydromassage seating.

And while the heaters of some portable pools can chew through significant amounts of power, the high-end insulation found in an Fastlane Pools swim spa keeps water warmer for longer and power bills lower.

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How long do portable pools last?

Unlike cheap and nasty portable pools that might be expected to last a summer, an Fastlane Pools swim spa will offer fitness, fun and quality time for a long time to come. While portable, they are designed with permanence in mind. They feature the highest quality materials and can cope with outdoor conditions.

How long is a long time? If you care for yours according to the maintenance instructions, you can expect to enjoy it for years or even decades to come. 

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How do you maintain water in a portable pool?

Basic portable pools feature basic water care systems – and some don’t feature any system at all. This makes water care a very manual, laborious and potentially inaccurate task. If you haven’t had to maintain pool water before, it can all feel a little overwhelming.

Fastlane Pools swim spas are designed to automate much of the water care work that previously came with portable pools. In the E-Series, for example, you’ll enjoy UVC and corona discharge ozone technologies, as well as a high flow circulation pump that ensures 100% of your water is filtered 100% of the time.

What’s more, the ease of removing and replacing the cover on such a compact pool means that you’ll avoid dirt and debris falling in, and your water will always be kept at a toasty temperature.

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How much does a portable pool cost?

Portable pools can be very cheap. But sticker price only ever tells part of the story and it’s worth asking yourself what the bargain option might actually cost you over the course of years.

If you go the cheapest option, you may find yourself replacing your pool every summer. Then there is the cost of running a cheap pool heater in a badly insulated pool. Over time, replacement costs and power bills can really add up.

Fastlane Pools swim spa owners see their pool purchase not as a cost, but as an investment:

  • An investment in quality – a machine that will last for years and years.
  • An investment in technology – the latest innovations in fitness, water care and more.
  • An investment in efficiency – enjoying all the luxury without the sky high running costs.
  • An investment in luxury – hydromassage and entertainment systems make it a hub of the home, a destination.

By choosing a Fastlane Pools swim spa, you don’t just invest in a portable pool. You invest in a lifestyle, an aquatic experience. And the larger upfront investment is one that Fastlane Pools owners know will pay itself back over time.

Endless functionality, endless fitness, endless fun. A Fastlane Pool swim spa delivers an infinite swim and so much more, all in a perfectly portable package.

Are portable pools good for your health?

A portable pool is a tool that fits within the broader medical discipline of hydrotherapy. Warm water has been proven to soothe the human body in a number of different ways:

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The heat widens blood vessels, assisting the body’s circulation.

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A hot tub’s directional jets can enhance this flow further.

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The warmth can loosen tight muscles and reduce swelling.

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The buoyancy takes weight off your joints, reducing wear and pain.

While the health benefits of hydrotherapy are most commonly associated with the elderly, the truth is that young people can benefit just as much. Click here to read how a Hot Spring spa has changed the life of one young customer!

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