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How often should spa pools be drained? | HotSpring Spas

How often should spa pools be drained?

Spa pools hold a lot of water, which can make the process of draining and refilling your spa a big job - and one that always seems to be pushed down the priority list. But while there are certainly ways to ensure that your spa pool water stays fresher for longer, every hot tub needs to be drained from time to time if you are to enjoy the finest soaking experience possible.

How often a spa pool should be drained will predominantly depend on the amount of water it holds and how regularly it’s used, although filtration, sanitation and external factors also play their part. On a basic level, the following formulas can be used to work out how often you should drain an average spa pool:

[number of people] x [number of soaks per week] / 7 = [average soaks per day]

[spa capacity in litres] / 14 / [average soaks per day] = [amount of days between draining and refilling]

If that all seems a little confusing, don’t fret: we’ll be going through some real world examples of these formulas a little later in the piece. But before we do that, we should first understand why we’re bothering to drain and refill our spa pool at all, and why your Hot Spring spa pool isn’t ‘average’, and might not need to be changed quite as often as these formulas suggest.

Why should you drain your spa pool?

Most regular spa pools come with standard water sanitation systems, which only keep the water fresh for a short period of time. As such they need to be completely drained and refilled several times a year, or in cases where the spa doesn’t have adequate filtration and sanitation systems, even more regularly. When your spa pool water isn’t clean, clear and fresh, it can turn actively dangerous.

With traditional chlorine and bromine spa water care systems, sanitisers require frequent manual replenishment to kill bacteria and keep the water clean. Chemical residues can also build up, creating odours and causing skin and eye irritation for those who soak.

Then there are Hot Spring spa pools.

Hot Spring continue to develop the most innovative water care systems, and offer spa pools that are packed with the latest technology. Where other spas need to be drained every few months, Hot Spring spa pools that feature our FreshWater® Ozone System can stay clean for up to six months, and those that feature our Fresh Water® Salt System can stay clean for up to a year!

When should I drain my spa pool?

Because the need to drain, clean and refill a spa pool is so dependent on usage, it can differ greatly from spa to spa. Owners of basic models who use their spa pools frequently will need to drain, clean and refill their spa pools far more often than owners of FreshWater-fitted models who seldom use their spa. There are other factors at play too: location and climate, the capacity of the spa, and whether it is covered or uncovered.

But for a basic idea of how often a spa pool should be drained, let’s return to the formulas outlined at the beginning:

[number of people] x [number of soaks per week] / 7 = [average soaks per day]

[spa capacity in litres] / 14 / [average soaks per day] = [amount of days between draining and refilling]

Let’s say you have a 1,800L spa pool that three people use an average of three times a week. By plugging those numbers into the formulas above, we get:

3 x 3 / 7 = 1.29

1800 / 14 / 1.29 = 99.67

This owner should therefore be draining, cleaning and refilling their (standard) spa pool every 100 days, or 3-4 months, though if they chose a Hot Spring fitted with a FreshWater system, they could be confident that their water would stay clean for far longer!

As it turns out, it’s not too complicated at all! Once you get to know your average use patterns, you can work to ensure your spa pool water is always as clean, clear, fresh and soft as possible. But it should be said that this is a very basic guide that fails to take a lot of factors into account, and doesn’t apply to spa pools fitted with FreshWater technology. It could be that your spa pool needs more attention than this formula indicates. 

But how do you know if that’s the case?

What are the signs my spa pool needs to be drained?

There are a number of telltale signs that your spa pool is due for a drain and clean. Keep your eye on the water and interior of your spa, looking out for:

  • Water transparency: If the water looks cloudy or foggy you should drain the spa pool right away and give it a clean before refilling.
  • Water cleanliness: Dirty or discoloured water indicates the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms. Drain, clean and refill as soon as possible.
  • A dirty shell at the water line: A lot of spa pool pollutants and contaminants float at or near the surface, which sees them leave their mark at the water line. If you see a build-up of grime, it’s probably time to replace the water.
  • A stagnant water smell: If your spa pool begins to smell like the stagnant water in blocked pipes and permanent puddles, drain it and refill it.

Spa pools are so much more enjoyable when the water is perfectly and permanently clean, clear, soft and fresh. If you do the maths and keep an eye on the calendar, you’ll enjoy exactly that. What’s more, if you choose a spa pool fitted with Hot Spring’s FreshWater Salt System and/or FreshWater Ozone System technology, the weight of water care will largely be lifted off your shoulders.

Not sure how to drain and clean a spa pool? Our ownership and care resource section has got you covered, outlining the process as well as what household cleaners you can use for spa pool maintenance. 

For more expert advice on spa pools and their maintenance, contact our friendly team today or visit a local dealer!


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