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Dual Zone Spas

To treat aches, to get fit, to have fun, to relax; there are a number of reasons to purchase a spa. Historically however, buyers have been forced to choose the functions that are most important to them, as each spa model was designed with a different purpose in mind.

Until now.

dual zone spas

What is a dual zone spa?

Dual zone spas are the all-rounder of the spa world. Offering hydrotherapy, fitness, fun and relaxation in equal measure, they represent the ultimate in personal spa technology, and are becoming increasingly popular amongst those who seek the ultimate backyard spa experience.

True to their name, dual zone spas feature two separate pools, one designed for relaxation, the other for movement. At one end you have a four-seat hot tub section, complete with hydromassage jets. At the other end you have a 4.5m fitness pool. This offers a full-body workout, featuring swim-in-place technology, plus optional treadmill, aqua bike, rowing and swim tether features. You can enjoy the ultimate water-based workout, then help your body recover with a perfectly soothing post-exercise hydromassage in the adjacent spa section.

Dual zone spas feature independent temperature control allowing you to enjoy a warm workout in the swim pool and a relaxing spa in the hot tub, or vice versa. The four-seat arrangement on the hot tub side is as good for play as it is for work, with optional Bluetooth speaker system and WiFi connectivity making time with friends and family that much more enjoyable.

Combining feature-heavy (and energy efficient) function with contemporary design form, a dual zone spa is the ultimate showpiece of a modern backyard.

Dual zone spas vs. pool spa combos

In the past, combining the fitness and recreation of a pool with the relaxation and fun of a spa has meant purchasing a pool and spa combo. Dual zone spas are beginning to change that, however, and for a few good reasons:

  • Cost: While the price of a pool and spa combo can at first appear lower than a dual zone spa, this quote doesn’t take into account the endless additional costs, including engineering reports, stabilising the foundation, council consents, excavation, landfill removal, large water quality and heating systems, covers, landscaping, planting, pool fencing and more. By contrast, the additional costs involved with your dual zone spa are minimal.


  • Space: Pool and spa combos require a big backyard. Dual zone spas pack more features into a far smaller unit.


  • Use: Unless you’re prepared to pay sky-high power bills, pool and spa combos can only really be used during the warmer months. Energy efficient dual zone spas can be used all year round.


  • Maintenance: Ask any pool owner about maintenance and you’re likely to get a roll of the eyes. The fact is that larger bodies of water are more work to maintain. Dual zone spas, that have covers, demand far less attention.

Dual zone swim spa dimensions?

At once compact and roomy, a dual zone spa can feel far larger than its footprint actually measures. Hot Spring’s two dual zone spas, the E2000 Fastlane Pool Fitness System & Spa, and the X2000 SwimCross Exercise System, both measure 610cm (L) x 226cm (W) x 147cm (H), and have a maximum filled weight (including water and 10x 80kg adults) of 11,255kg.

When considering whether a dual zone spa will fit in your space, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the surface strong and level? Given the weight, a solid foundation is a must. If you plan to install your dual zone spa on a deck, particularly one that’s elevated, get a professional to check its maximum load capacity. The deck  must also be level and even.


  • Is there enough space around the spa? Not just to comfortably get in and out, but for maintenance and optional extras like steps and decking too.


  • Is there a sufficient power source nearby? A dual zone spa requires a 220V-240V, 32A power source as a minimum to run.
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How much do dual zone spas cost?

The cost of your dual zone spa will depend on a variety of factors including size, model, functionality, features and optional extras (although even base model dual zone spas tend to be feature rich).

Hot Spring dual zone spas start from $74,990. Click here for a quote or contact your local dealer to arrange a test swim!

To guard yourself against cheap and potentially dangerous products, check that your dual zone spa meets ISO:9001 standards.

dual zone spas energy efficient 460x460

How energy efficient are dual zone spas?

In the past the words ‘spa’ and ‘energy efficiency’ haven’t often appeared in the same sentence. Thanks to advances in design, a modern, high quality, dual zone spa can be surprisingly efficient although the amount of energy you use will depend how often you use it.

Hot Spring dual zone spas feature the Tri-Thermic™ Barrier System, which provides three layers of insulation that conserve heat, enhance the energy efficiency and lower running costs.

The system includes a lightweight 2cm layer of expanded polystyrene foam, a reflective film attached to the inside of the cabinet, and a 5cm thick heat retention layer made of high-quality recycled fibres and foil film. The result is maximum thermal performance.

There are a number of ways you can help your Hot Springs spa to do its job even more efficiently:

  • Invest in an insulated cover
  • Minimise the use of jets in winter
  • Utilise a solar power setup
  • Commit to a regular water maintenance schedule

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